Yield management introduces new indicators to improve the profitability of a business. In the case of tourism, Dwyer et al. (2009) introduce yield management to measure the impact of tourism at a destination, with the yield management indicators: average stay and average spending. These indicators are considered critical to an understanding of the potential of tourism at a destination. Therefore, this research aims to examine the determinants that most influence tourists’ length of stay. The duration of tourists’ stay was measured by the number of nights at the destination and analyzed with a Poisson regression model. The model was tested with a database of 847 observations obtained from a survey among tourists visiting Macau. Results suggest that those who are repeaters, travel in larger groups and spend less tend to stay longer. In terms of practical implications, there are several destination attributes that authorities should pay more attention to improve the standard of facilities and services and in order to maximize the length of stay.

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